Monday, 18 January 2016

InterfrequenceMoving tracks for an imaginary film.

Interfrequence by Ariel Kalma
A rarity no more! 

In 1980 a friend recommended I place an album of shorter tracks in a library for film and TV. Until then I had played long droney tracks to space out, so it was a bit of a challenge which I gladly accepted. I focused on this for more than a month, squeezing the creative juices until I had evocative pieces. What kept me inspired was the 'Image In': what does a track evoke when you hear it? A memory? A feeling? A dream? A desire?

So I chose themes and composed around an idea or an evocative title like 'Oasis', 'Promenade', 'Merry Forest', 'Source Fraiche' (fresh spring), 'Round You Go' (for a repetitive ditti), etc...

I was disappointed by the library who did not really promote the album, and therefore the lack of interest in using it for films. Ah, well, I had a life to passionately live and many other interests, so I left it as it was for 25 years. Around 2005 I noticed the growing interest in this music and the rarity of existing LPs in circulation. Finally I got a decent digital copy which I could remaster in 2015, and here it is, reborn out of oblivion!

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