Thursday, 13 July 2017

Specials For Subscribers and Collaborations

Good news for you, free music and collaborate with me if you wish...

Today I offer you:

1. Specials For Subscribers: 
I will give (free) one new track every 2 weeks for subscribers only until a new album is finished and for sale to the general public! 

A great opportunity to get "new" music from my vast archives, as soon as it goes out of my studio. I recorded lots of music since the early 70's! Now I am sorting out my archives and will publish more and more compositions... plus new ones of course... plus bonus items from my back-catalog, subscriber-only specials etc...

I want to create with you!
Here is a short loop that I found in my archives, with my strong encouragements to use it to create your own mix. Then send me a link so I can listen? The best mixes will be included in a future album!  If used  commercially at your end, please mention:  JW 2010 Kalma (c) Ariel Kalma


3. Free 'New Track': 1985 Kula Blackhole (click text)
Enjoy this gift from outer space to my inner space ...

In 1985 on Maui, living high up on the Haleakala mountain, I got very inspired by the island vibes, the night skies, and that special silence... I recorded this piece with a simple portable setup:
Yamaha PortaStudio keyboard,
Wasp minisynth and
Tascam 4track cassette recorder.
Remastered 2017 with effects.

Thanks, merci, gracias, obligado, danke, toda, grazzie, shukran, jeram je, etcete re  


Thursday, 22 June 2017

Confidential - Never Mind - 1985 Kula Blackhole -

Where was I?   Lost in Time... Is it Spaced out? ...In?

Right now I finished the album  'Confidential' . Ama, my wife, told me I should write a blog about it, you know, talk stories... I also have to write about the other 3 albums being born out of my archives!...  Never Mind - 1985 Kula Blackhole - Dream Stars


Confidential Intimate Sax Off The Record

Recorded between 1981 and... not so long ago - in Maui, Hamburg, Paris, Montreal, Mullumbimby... lots of relax with smooth tender sax and simple arrangements, even a romantic flute ballad - listen here.

Never Mind

Never Mind   Introspective Changes Perspective

Dark mysterious mixes towards a trance space inside. Also some humor because we need to lighten up if we want the light at the end of the tunnels of our minds! What we need is Strength and Courage - listen here.

1985 Kula Blackhole

1985 Kula Blackhole   A long journey into space:

(pay what you want) in 1985 on Maui, living high up on the Haleakala mountain, I got very inspired by the island vibes, the night skies, and that special silence... this is a 20-min track

Dream Stars

Dream Stars  Voyage into Dreamtime.

Live recording (analog tapes) from 1977 at the Paris Planetarium where Ariel did a series of concerts, and remastered 2016. Listen

More archives coming soon, including some French and English poetry read into music.

Hugs and love,


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