Monday, 18 January 2016

Musique Pour le Reve et l’Amour 2016 - Timeless Ambient Space Music - Bon Voyage!

Musique Pour le Reve et l’Amour by Ariel Kalma

Ah, I had ups and downs with this recording! Because I was a perfectionist (still am but less intense). At first I did not want to publish it due to the quality of the recording, but a number of people 'went on a trip' when they heard it and did not bother. So I made a cassette in France, followed by one in Canada... Time passed and I remastered from cassette in 2006, but still was not satisfied with the sound. Then in 2015, I got all my 1/4" masters from a storage in Paris (lots of tapes!). I bought several tape recorders and digitized about 250 hours of archives, including Music pour le reve et l'amour, which I could filter and fine tune at the remastering phase... Now I am finally happy!

Here is the story:

Paris, 1979: In my roof apartment, I had a 'drone music' set-up playing continuously: 2 stacked keyboards, a Leslie rotating speaker, phaser, wah wah and Flanger pedals, a spring reverb box, a small mixing table, a Revox G36 1/4" tape recorder, a Neumann microphone...
I tuned my voice and instruments with sound layers, echoes, modified drum machines... I would often enter a meditative state, a trance of some kind... The UV lights and red lamp helped also create a vast universe where I would float for hours, interrupted only for food, the rare phone ringing or some friend dropping by to say hi, join my music or chat. I went out mainly at night as the big city sounds were harsh to my fine-tuned ears.

'Musique Pour le Reve et l'Amour' and 'Music for Dream and Love' were recorded on two occasions when I remembered to press the 'Record' button on my Revox. Actually it was during ‘Rainbow Transmission’ experiments when I tried to communicate with a friend having a 'cosmic initiation' (awareness of the vastness of space around us)... So the music captures a bit of what I felt. I never sung so high... I mostly had my eyes closed, and it is recorded in one pass, no overdub... something happened beyond me then! 

That is why I wish you what the the subtitle says 'Timeless Ambient Space Music - Bon Voyage!'

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