Thursday, 8 September 2016

Ariel Kalma = FIVE New Albums from Archives !

Analog tapes... the sound is so smooth...

I have the feeling I'm polishing pearls and make necklaces/albums... one after the other...
Between 1/4" tapes, cassette masters and DAT tapes, I have about 150 hours of music from the last 4 decades. Some tracks are ready, some need adjustments, others have to be remixed... digitalised all of them, then remastered, each with modern plugins with the technical help of Kamal Engel,

See them all at

Sometimes a memory surface as to when I composed or recorded a piece. 'Slow Space Rumba' for example comes from a song composed near a fireplace when I was comforting a friend going through a break-up.

Sometimes I fall into trance (even falling on my keyboard)  because I designed strange left-right brain effects... that works!

In '1978 Delirium GRM', I laughed at my (then) attempts to create electro-acoustic compositions inspired by my time as assistant at the Musical Research Group (GRM) in Paris. Interesting mixes from that time!

Or I recall the full version of a meaningful harmonium piece lasting 45 minutes during a full moon night in a remote church in France...

Many times I travel through space and time because I am really, really inspired by the cosmic play around us.... so big... so I try to create big spaces...

Now I have to go and start selecting new pearls for future albums...  until zen, wishing you a great journey into the mystery of life...!

Hugs and love,


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