Thursday, 17 March 2016

#ConcertSalon Happening!

#ConcertSalon is alive and well.

#ConcertSalon 2 is in the making.

For now we have Hypnolia confirmed. A duo Space Music band from Brisbane. They also work with synths, loops, beats and add Live goodies and electric guitar to their mixes... They'll play some, I'll play some, We'll play some... sounds promising!

I have an amazing array of tools to play with - multiplying possibilities to record good quality audio and videos ! (and lots of buttons to tweak )

In the pic (left) is only a recorder as a music instrument, but there are many more unseen ones...

#ConcertSalon is alive and well. I wish #ConcertSalon was really Live.

So I could instantly share what inspires me in terms of lights, sounds, instruments, resonances, meanings, poetry, senses ... and absences...

Meanwhile I do 'almost Live'. That means Time gets shorter between MY Inspiration and YOUR Inspiration at Internet's end.... soon superposing into OUR Inspiration though the 101 Monkeys Law.

I am only half-joking in fact. How do you think I can keep being Inspired most of the Time? ... Because I tap into a pool of semi-conscious (or sub) states of various Ecstatic States Of Development (ESTOD) where I find the Infinitely Renewable Nutrients to Inspiration (IRNI). I actually wish to tap into the fully-conscious state very soon...

A bientot!

Oh, if you still did not see #ConcertSalon 1 then click here.
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Tuesday, 1 March 2016

ConcertSalon Creates The Moment

OK, yes, the great idea of a 'World Tour' crossed my inner-mind-pathway. I even did a trial run last year, playing 6 concerts across the US and Vancouver... interesting music, good meetings but hard on Body and Soul!

Back home I looked for venues to continue sharing my new sounds and old archives, but its too complicated; venues are expensive and need to be planned much in advance. I wanted a simple, available, affordable, easy way... Live Streaming seemed a great option but I need Broadband unavailable yet here...

During the 70's in Paris I sometimes participated in what was called 'Salons' where well-to-do philanthropists, or art lovers, opened their living rooms to artists, poets, musicians, performers to create 'happenings' by mixing genres, people, artforms... So I transformed my studio, created a space and included inspiring lights & effects, and #ConcertSalon was born... voila! Now I record, film, invite other participants and upload #ConcertSalon on my Youtube channel. 

... see the first result 

 ConcertSalon I

Margot Anand was visiting and decided to read a poem translated from the Vijnana Bhairava Tantra while I played background music...

Aaron Wales was a wwoofer at our place, and I invited him to sing a true song of his and play the didgeridoo. Meanwhile, his partner Ila helped me setting up the video part, the room, the lights... I felt lucky... synchronicity (almost normal nowadays)... 

This first #ConcertSalon is not perfect, nevertheless it has a 'good vibe' atmosphere. I had some annoying sound issues partly due to such a different adaptation of my studio, and it is ... complicated ... but I will get there! 

I'll tell you when the next #ConcertSalon is ready!