Thursday, 8 September 2016

Ariel Kalma = FIVE New Albums from Archives !

Analog tapes... the sound is so smooth...

I have the feeling I'm polishing pearls and make necklaces/albums... one after the other...
Between 1/4" tapes, cassette masters and DAT tapes, I have about 150 hours of music from the last 4 decades. Some tracks are ready, some need adjustments, others have to be remixed... digitalised all of them, then remastered, each with modern plugins with the technical help of Kamal Engel,

See them all at

Sometimes a memory surface as to when I composed or recorded a piece. 'Slow Space Rumba' for example comes from a song composed near a fireplace when I was comforting a friend going through a break-up.

Sometimes I fall into trance (even falling on my keyboard)  because I designed strange left-right brain effects... that works!

In '1978 Delirium GRM', I laughed at my (then) attempts to create electro-acoustic compositions inspired by my time as assistant at the Musical Research Group (GRM) in Paris. Interesting mixes from that time!

Or I recall the full version of a meaningful harmonium piece lasting 45 minutes during a full moon night in a remote church in France...

Many times I travel through space and time because I am really, really inspired by the cosmic play around us.... so big... so I try to create big spaces...

Now I have to go and start selecting new pearls for future albums...  until zen, wishing you a great journey into the mystery of life...!

Hugs and love,


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Tuesday, 5 April 2016

I love this new montage mixing analog synthesisers with my (Ariel's) set up! We thought the session would be including the other member of Hypnolia, an electro-synth from Murwillumbah, but he was sick.... so Dr Greg came alone. 

I went a bit further with the audio mixes, the video montage and effects. Steep learning curve! Progressing into video tech is rewarding to me!

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Merci beaucoup, thanks a lot!

#ConcertSalon II  - ambient electronica poetry with Ariel Kalma & Dr Greg.

Thursday, 17 March 2016

#ConcertSalon Happening!

#ConcertSalon is alive and well.

#ConcertSalon 2 is in the making.

For now we have Hypnolia confirmed. A duo Space Music band from Brisbane. They also work with synths, loops, beats and add Live goodies and electric guitar to their mixes... They'll play some, I'll play some, We'll play some... sounds promising!

I have an amazing array of tools to play with - multiplying possibilities to record good quality audio and videos ! (and lots of buttons to tweak )

In the pic (left) is only a recorder as a music instrument, but there are many more unseen ones...

#ConcertSalon is alive and well. I wish #ConcertSalon was really Live.

So I could instantly share what inspires me in terms of lights, sounds, instruments, resonances, meanings, poetry, senses ... and absences...

Meanwhile I do 'almost Live'. That means Time gets shorter between MY Inspiration and YOUR Inspiration at Internet's end.... soon superposing into OUR Inspiration though the 101 Monkeys Law.

I am only half-joking in fact. How do you think I can keep being Inspired most of the Time? ... Because I tap into a pool of semi-conscious (or sub) states of various Ecstatic States Of Development (ESTOD) where I find the Infinitely Renewable Nutrients to Inspiration (IRNI). I actually wish to tap into the fully-conscious state very soon...

A bientot!

Oh, if you still did not see #ConcertSalon 1 then click here.
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Tuesday, 1 March 2016

ConcertSalon Creates The Moment

OK, yes, the great idea of a 'World Tour' crossed my inner-mind-pathway. I even did a trial run last year, playing 6 concerts across the US and Vancouver... interesting music, good meetings but hard on Body and Soul!

Back home I looked for venues to continue sharing my new sounds and old archives, but its too complicated; venues are expensive and need to be planned much in advance. I wanted a simple, available, affordable, easy way... Live Streaming seemed a great option but I need Broadband unavailable yet here...

During the 70's in Paris I sometimes participated in what was called 'Salons' where well-to-do philanthropists, or art lovers, opened their living rooms to artists, poets, musicians, performers to create 'happenings' by mixing genres, people, artforms... So I transformed my studio, created a space and included inspiring lights & effects, and #ConcertSalon was born... voila! Now I record, film, invite other participants and upload #ConcertSalon on my Youtube channel. 

... see the first result 

 ConcertSalon I

Margot Anand was visiting and decided to read a poem translated from the Vijnana Bhairava Tantra while I played background music...

Aaron Wales was a wwoofer at our place, and I invited him to sing a true song of his and play the didgeridoo. Meanwhile, his partner Ila helped me setting up the video part, the room, the lights... I felt lucky... synchronicity (almost normal nowadays)... 

This first #ConcertSalon is not perfect, nevertheless it has a 'good vibe' atmosphere. I had some annoying sound issues partly due to such a different adaptation of my studio, and it is ... complicated ... but I will get there! 

I'll tell you when the next #ConcertSalon is ready!


Monday, 18 January 2016

InterfrequenceMoving tracks for an imaginary film.

Interfrequence by Ariel Kalma
A rarity no more! 

In 1980 a friend recommended I place an album of shorter tracks in a library for film and TV. Until then I had played long droney tracks to space out, so it was a bit of a challenge which I gladly accepted. I focused on this for more than a month, squeezing the creative juices until I had evocative pieces. What kept me inspired was the 'Image In': what does a track evoke when you hear it? A memory? A feeling? A dream? A desire?

So I chose themes and composed around an idea or an evocative title like 'Oasis', 'Promenade', 'Merry Forest', 'Source Fraiche' (fresh spring), 'Round You Go' (for a repetitive ditti), etc...

I was disappointed by the library who did not really promote the album, and therefore the lack of interest in using it for films. Ah, well, I had a life to passionately live and many other interests, so I left it as it was for 25 years. Around 2005 I noticed the growing interest in this music and the rarity of existing LPs in circulation. Finally I got a decent digital copy which I could remaster in 2015, and here it is, reborn out of oblivion!

Musique Pour le Reve et l’Amour 2016 - Timeless Ambient Space Music - Bon Voyage!

Musique Pour le Reve et l’Amour by Ariel Kalma

Ah, I had ups and downs with this recording! Because I was a perfectionist (still am but less intense). At first I did not want to publish it due to the quality of the recording, but a number of people 'went on a trip' when they heard it and did not bother. So I made a cassette in France, followed by one in Canada... Time passed and I remastered from cassette in 2006, but still was not satisfied with the sound. Then in 2015, I got all my 1/4" masters from a storage in Paris (lots of tapes!). I bought several tape recorders and digitized about 250 hours of archives, including Music pour le reve et l'amour, which I could filter and fine tune at the remastering phase... Now I am finally happy!

Here is the story:

Paris, 1979: In my roof apartment, I had a 'drone music' set-up playing continuously: 2 stacked keyboards, a Leslie rotating speaker, phaser, wah wah and Flanger pedals, a spring reverb box, a small mixing table, a Revox G36 1/4" tape recorder, a Neumann microphone...
I tuned my voice and instruments with sound layers, echoes, modified drum machines... I would often enter a meditative state, a trance of some kind... The UV lights and red lamp helped also create a vast universe where I would float for hours, interrupted only for food, the rare phone ringing or some friend dropping by to say hi, join my music or chat. I went out mainly at night as the big city sounds were harsh to my fine-tuned ears.

'Musique Pour le Reve et l'Amour' and 'Music for Dream and Love' were recorded on two occasions when I remembered to press the 'Record' button on my Revox. Actually it was during ‘Rainbow Transmission’ experiments when I tried to communicate with a friend having a 'cosmic initiation' (awareness of the vastness of space around us)... So the music captures a bit of what I felt. I never sung so high... I mostly had my eyes closed, and it is recorded in one pass, no overdub... something happened beyond me then! 

That is why I wish you what the the subtitle says 'Timeless Ambient Space Music - Bon Voyage!'