Wednesday, 9 December 2015

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Hi girls,

(I decided to call everyone girls to change the habit of addressing all groups as 'guys'... what about the ladies?)

So it is that time of the year where we all give something to someone. I have music to give... not completely free (I still need presents for family)... but hey, 30% is not bad hey?

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Wishing you a great time with your girls :-)

With love from Ariel!

Sunday, 6 December 2015

7 December 2015

About Meditation in the Forest:

I have always found bird songs to be inspiring. They have rhythms, melodies, and repetitive patterns… that’s how I like my music too!

Back in the 70’s I experimented a lot with bird songs. I recorded ‘Osmose’, an LP mixing Borneo’s rainforest with my compositions. This album still resonates, actually even more so today for an unknown reason. Maybe our urban lifestyle gives us the need to connect with nature?

I did feel the need to connect with nature after being born and raised in Paris, France. There was so little of it in the city! Now I live near a forest where birds are ever present, so I hear a variety of calls every day! And I sometimes exercise my ears to learn and play along, and when I find a good accompaniment I record.

I named this album ‘Meditation in the Forest’ because these tracks inspire me to go inside and contemplate the beauty of nature.

Listen here:

See the video on Youtube (whole album):

About the video:
Each track has its own flavour. I used photos taken from the forest around me and mixed them with various videos of skies that I also took along the years (I love clouds). 
> In track 4 ‘Promenade en Foret’, I have used a magical light-show of the LED bulbs, featured at the Googleplex headquarter in Mountain View (with permission from the creator, of course). A beautiful mandala of light! > In ‘Floating Escape’, I have used (with permission) some NASA photos of our universe, mixed later with an animated cover of mine. > On ‘Birds Softly Calling’, I made two animated abstracts with amazing interacting colors.

What do you think (or not think if you could relax and let go of the mind) ?

  • Does this help you to sleep? 
  • Does this inspire you to go into nature? 
  • To take a walk in the forest? 
  • To listen more attentively to bird songs?

Share your experience please, I would love some feedback.

Thank you!

Ariel Kalma

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

October 29 2015

OK, I have to admit I made a mistake, but I listened and finally renamed the album ‘Work In Progress 2015’ to ‘Reallusions’… and the cover is Reallusionally nice, isn’t it?

Try looking at it by moving your eyes closer and further apart and you’ll see what I mean! The music is basically the same, I just renamed two titles, that’s it!

The other important album I wanted to talk about is ‘Meditation in the Forest’:

I always wanted to record another album with birds, like in my 1978 ‘Osmose’ LP. Now that I live near a forest with many birds around, it has become easy! Some of them sing so beautifully that I composed around their melodies. Listen here an example
Tuning and playing music with the birds sends me into a trance. I could play for hours, feeling always different as the environment varies around me. What do you feel when you hear these birds? And with the music? Drop me a line? 

If you want to review one of my albums and we chose to publish it on my website, I will send you a special gift.

Talk to you soon, and keep well,


Monday, 12 October 2015

YEAH! Here is my brand-new blog!

Upon request of a growing number of fans (which delights me to no end), I have started writing a blog to share what I'm up to.

Work In Progress 2015

What was new this year for me? Everything! In January, I decided I would play home concerts via Internet streaming. But then I was asked to do some concerts in the USA during summer (as I was anyway visiting our son living in California). So, I researched and bought new portable equipment. The learning curve was steep (months and months of preparation), but the rewards are big!

I can now lay simultaneous layers of sounds, play my instruments and have it recorded all at once! Each time I find a good combination of sounds I record the semi-improvised session based on previous (sometimes ancient) compositions of mine. I have recorded lots of pieces! I assembled some of the best ones in a new album named ‘Work In Progress 2015'. You can also download tracks and the full album from iTunes.

Again, I want to emphasize, what I call Synchronous Simultaneity, where Equipment and Player resonate, like at the end of “Sons Du Vide”. Actually my work mainly consist of tuning animate and inanimate … then Inspiration flows. Am I too esoteric?  It actually is simple…. resonance is everywhere… once 2 systems resonate, it is like a space opens up… like being in love… like a cat purring… 

Oh, and if you are curious how the concerts in the US went, read some comments by people who write better than I do.

If you like what I do and want to receive my new tracks for great prices (!) you can subscribe here.

Also, you can subscribe to my Youtube channel and you will automatically be informed of new videos with new tracks.

Coming soon: 
LP vinyls, Downloads and CDs of ‘Interfrequence’ and ‘Musique pour le reve et l’amour’….. I will tell you when…..

Till then…
A bientot, biz schpaeter, grazzie mille, bis bald, toda raba, techekul ederum, domo aligato, shukran, gracias, obrigado…