Tuesday, 1 March 2016

ConcertSalon Creates The Moment

OK, yes, the great idea of a 'World Tour' crossed my inner-mind-pathway. I even did a trial run last year, playing 6 concerts across the US and Vancouver... interesting music, good meetings but hard on Body and Soul!

Back home I looked for venues to continue sharing my new sounds and old archives, but its too complicated; venues are expensive and need to be planned much in advance. I wanted a simple, available, affordable, easy way... Live Streaming seemed a great option but I need Broadband unavailable yet here...

During the 70's in Paris I sometimes participated in what was called 'Salons' where well-to-do philanthropists, or art lovers, opened their living rooms to artists, poets, musicians, performers to create 'happenings' by mixing genres, people, artforms... So I transformed my studio, created a space and included inspiring lights & effects, and #ConcertSalon was born... voila! Now I record, film, invite other participants and upload #ConcertSalon on my Youtube channel. 

... see the first result   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ZqNb-hnHgY 

 ConcertSalon I

Margot Anand was visiting and decided to read a poem translated from the Vijnana Bhairava Tantra while I played background music...

Aaron Wales was a wwoofer at our place, and I invited him to sing a true song of his and play the didgeridoo. Meanwhile, his partner Ila helped me setting up the video part, the room, the lights... I felt lucky... synchronicity (almost normal nowadays)... 

This first #ConcertSalon is not perfect, nevertheless it has a 'good vibe' atmosphere. I had some annoying sound issues partly due to such a different adaptation of my studio, and it is ... complicated ... but I will get there! 

I'll tell you when the next #ConcertSalon is ready!


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