Thursday, 13 July 2017

Specials For Subscribers and Collaborations

Good news for you, free music and collaborate with me if you wish...

Today I offer you:

1. Specials For Subscribers: 
I will give (free) one new track every 2 weeks for subscribers only until a new album is finished and for sale to the general public! 

A great opportunity to get "new" music from my vast archives, as soon as it goes out of my studio. I recorded lots of music since the early 70's! Now I am sorting out my archives and will publish more and more compositions... plus new ones of course... plus bonus items from my back-catalog, subscriber-only specials etc...

I want to create with you!
Here is a short loop that I found in my archives, with my strong encouragements to use it to create your own mix. Then send me a link so I can listen? The best mixes will be included in a future album!  If used  commercially at your end, please mention:  JW 2010 Kalma (c) Ariel Kalma


3. Free 'New Track': 1985 Kula Blackhole (click text)
Enjoy this gift from outer space to my inner space ...

In 1985 on Maui, living high up on the Haleakala mountain, I got very inspired by the island vibes, the night skies, and that special silence... I recorded this piece with a simple portable setup:
Yamaha PortaStudio keyboard,
Wasp minisynth and
Tascam 4track cassette recorder.
Remastered 2017 with effects.

Thanks, merci, gracias, obligado, danke, toda, grazzie, shukran, jeram je, etcete re  


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