Wednesday, 28 October 2015

October 29 2015

OK, I have to admit I made a mistake, but I listened and finally renamed the album ‘Work In Progress 2015’ to ‘Reallusions’… and the cover is Reallusionally nice, isn’t it?

Try looking at it by moving your eyes closer and further apart and you’ll see what I mean! The music is basically the same, I just renamed two titles, that’s it!

The other important album I wanted to talk about is ‘Meditation in the Forest’:

I always wanted to record another album with birds, like in my 1978 ‘Osmose’ LP. Now that I live near a forest with many birds around, it has become easy! Some of them sing so beautifully that I composed around their melodies. Listen here an example
Tuning and playing music with the birds sends me into a trance. I could play for hours, feeling always different as the environment varies around me. What do you feel when you hear these birds? And with the music? Drop me a line? 

If you want to review one of my albums and we chose to publish it on my website, I will send you a special gift.

Talk to you soon, and keep well,


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